Man Married to Two Women Gets Caught by Facebook

wedding cakeFor me, Facebook's "People You May Know" feature is more of a nusiance than anything else. Everytime I give it even more than a passing glance, I think, Okay, Facebook, I don't need you playing matchmaker for me, mm'k? I'd already be friends with that person if I wanted to be! And most of us feel that way, right? But once in a while, it shows its value, I guess ...

Such as in the case of a Seattle woman who was just cruisin' around on the social network, doing her thing, when the site suggested she "Friend" a woman who was shown in a photo with ... wait for it, wait for it ... Seattle lady's HUSBAND, Alan O'Neill. Oh, but it wasn't just any ol' pic -- you know, from college or something. It was a pic of the two of them alongside their wedding cake!!! YES, for real!

Now, according to the News Tribune, O'Neill is due in court on bigamy charges on March 22. Wow ...


Apparently, Wife No. 1 (Seattle lady) confronted her husband, and asked him several times if they were divorced, according to court records. Reportedly, O'Neill used to be named Alan Fulk. He married his first wife in 2001. He reportedly moved out eight years later, but neither he nor she filed for divorce, the records show. Then in December, he petitioned to change his last name to O'Neill, and later married his second wife. Ay yi yi!!

When Wife No. 1 confronted O'Neill, he asked her to stay silent about his "double life" and said he'd resolve it, but clearly, she wasn't keen on keeping quiet. Instead, she made sure her not-quite-ex was arrested on a felony charge.

D'oh! Lesson Just goes to show that Facebook is a tricky beast. As a pretty much omnipresent force in our lives today, screwing up -- and screwing around -- is a lot more difficult than it ever was. And in a case like this one, that's a very good thing.

What do you think about this crazy story?! How do you feel about the "People You May Know" feature?

Image via Kurt Nordstrom/Flickr

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