Wounded Veteran Shows Tim Tebow What a Real Hero Is (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow Romy CamargoIf you hate Tim Tebow, join the club. But expect that to change by the time you're done reading this story! The Denver Broncos quarterback's latest move shows he knows who real heroes are: the men and women who serve in our armed forces.

That's right, ladies and germs, Tim Tebow may have helped power the Broncos to the playoffs, but he'll get down on that famous knee and praise the heck out of guys like U.S. Army Ranger Romy Camargo. In fact, he wasn't too busy hobknobbing with The Bachelor host and checking out Taylor Swift to drop everything he was doing this past weekend and show up at the wounded war veteran's side.


Yeah boy!! Humility looks good on him!

But wait! It gets better. Tebow didn't just swing in from Hollywood and work the public relations angle while posing for pictures with a quadriplegic man in a wheelchair and an Army uniform.

If he had, I don't think I would have blamed him. I mean, the guy is facing possibly losing his job to Peyton Manning right now. Let me repeat that. Peyton frickin' Manning. He's got a few years in the league doing some nice stuff, but his competition is a legend. So let's just say the QB could use a Hail Mary pass right now. It wouldn't hurt to get out there and remind the Broncos that he is all that and a 40-ounce of Tebow Beer (alcohol-free natch). But he didn't.

Nope, it seems Timmy boy actually understands that you can win all the football games you want, but nothing will ever compare to taking a gunshot wound to the neck during a combat mission far from your friends and family ... while serving your country. That's what happened to Camargo -- he's now in a wheelchair -- and that's what brought Tebow to say one of the things that makes it impossible not to love him:

For me it's so humbling when you see kids and they're like "You're my hero" and really I do nothing special. Athletes do nothing special. We play a silly game, but here's someone who put his life on the line for our country -- that's a real hero.

Can I get a hell yeah? I actually think what athletes do is special; if it wasn't, we wouldn't have professional sports. Their talents amaze two-left-footed me every day. But what's even more special is being able to recognize that there's another level above that: true hero.

Check out Tim being a humble kind of famous athlete and tell us: did this change the way you view him?


Vet has surprise meeting with Tebow: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

Image via Fox Tampa Bay

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