Peyton Manning Might Be Spotted Tebowing Very Soon

Tim TebowWhen the rumors of quarterback Peyton Manning's release from the Indianapolis Colts became a reality a few days ago, it had every NFL fan wondering: Where the heck is he gonna go next?

So far, it looks like Peyton's been meeting with the Denver Broncos, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Tennessee Titans, and he still hasn't made a decision. Needless to say, there are so many other teams out there that could use a solid, veteran quarterback, so it's all up in the air. Who knows what's true and what isn't until it's officially announced, but a report came out that the Broncos are "95 percent" sure that Peyton will sign with them.

That could answer the first question. But that inevitably leads to a second: What's gonna happen to Tim Tebow mania?


Well, I'll be the first to say it: watching the dynamic between Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning could make for some pretty good television. Tebow's a young, charismatic, pretty much a rookie QB, whose season last year made him a household name. Peyton's been in the NFL for over a decade, and Tebow could learn so much from him, not only from a football point of view, but just as a young man who had the fate of his team placed squarely on his shoulders.

Plus, there's no doubt that Peyton meant so much to the city of Indianapolis and that he was the most recognizable player on the team. Similarly, folks in Denver (and even those not interested in sports) rallied behind Tebow because they wanted to believe in something as well. Imagine putting the two of them together on the same team!

I think it'd mean nothing but good things for Broncos fans. Tebow nor Peyton seems like the type who would become super-competitive or embittered or antagonistic. They'd actually try to help each other out. But then again, if Peyton takes over the Broncos' offense and the spotlight slowly fades on Tebow Mania, perhaps that means Tebow's time is up in Denver. Hey, what ... no! Tebow has to play. He's provided so much fodder for Internet/television spoofs and memes, it kept me entertained all throughout the season. Only time will tell what happens with Peyton's (and Tebow's!) fate, but let's hope these two can both be Broncos and make some sweet, lovin' football memories together.

Do you think Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow could play on the same team?


Image via Clemed/Wikimedia

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