Heartwarming Dolphin Rescue Caught on Camera (VIDEO)

dolphin rescueSo, here's something awesome. A bunch of dolphins that were thrust onto shore in Rio de Janeiro due to a strong ocean current were rescued. By people like you and me; people just hanging out at the beach.

The video, as you'll see in a moment, is unbelievable. Literally, a huge group of dolphins is washed onto the beach, and then, as if on cue, the beachgoers begin grabbing the poor little guys, one by one by their tails, and pushing them back into the ocean. Check it out. No, seriously, do it.


Pretty amazing. And the fact that the whole thing was caught on tape -- well, I can't say I'm surprised. Everything is caught on tape now. And although a lot of the crap out there is kind of pointless (have you ever, out of boredom, really perused YouTube?), every once in a while, it's really useful -- like in this case.

If we didn't have cameras -- and phones with cameras -- on us 24:7, we never would have gotten to see this amazing video. We would have just read a report about what happened, and then soon after forgotten about it. (If we read it at all.) See, we're a visual society. And we're much more inclined to be affected and/or remember something when we actually see it, as opposed to just reading words. Weren't you more intrigued by this post because it had a video in it?

So, it may suck for celebrities stumbling out of bars at 3 a.m., and our collective intelligence (when we delve too deeply into Internet videos), but, sometimes, the digital age -- the age of all things instantaneous -- is a good thing.

How amazing is this video?

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