'American Idol' Judge Randy Jackson Shows Us Just How Powerful Pinterest Can Be

Randy Jackson Betty Boop pinAmerican Idol judge Randy Jackson has got a big, bold personality. And on Wednesday night's live show, the music producer decided to kick things up a notch with his outfit using an unconventional touch of flair on his blazer: a Betty Boop sequin pin.

I've gotta admit, the bedazzled gem wouldn't normally be my first choice accessory -- but hey, Randy isn't your average dawg.

Let me tell you -- Randy's pin made QUITE the fuss on Twitter during Wednesday's show. As a whole, Idol has been making a pretty huge social media push this time around. But instead of keeping things Twitter-centric, Jackson headed to another popular site to talk about his sweet bling.

What site, you ask? DUH. Pinterest.


It seems like every day more and more celebrities are heading toward Pinterest to start "pinning" everything from fun clothing to instruments and other inspirations. You know what? I love it! Plus, Pinterest is a whole lot more visually appealing to look at for hours than Twitter, don't you agree? The power of Pinterest, it's growing!

Jackson told Mashable that he loves Pinterest, and that it's a "great way to show off [his] fashion to [his] fans." He's so right, too! Sure, Jackson's cool and all, but I love checking up on some of my bigger musical faves on the virtual pinboard and getting to know them on a more personal level.

But back to the pin: Apparently it's made by a New York City designer who is getting a whoooleeee lot of press after Jackson's Pinterest post! Can you say influential? If you're a fan, then I have goooood news for you, too. According to Randy's Pinterest -- you can win it! All you have to do is go comment on the pin on Randy's Facebook. Oy. I'm getting a little dizzy from all this social media website hopping.

Are you a fan of Pinterest? What fun users do you follow?


Image via Pinterest

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