DeMarcus Cousins Caught Up in Latest Sports Star Nude Photo Scandal

DeMarcus Cousins
DeMarcus Cousins
DeMarcus Cousins, a basketball player for the Sacramento Kings, might be the latest athlete/celebrity involved in a nude pic scandal. Remember Brett Favre? Of course he wouldn't be the last. It seems like famous people have absolutely no restraint when it comes to nudity and their phones.

But back to Cousins: He's had a bit of a troubled relationship with the Kings, being disciplined multiple times, so this surely will not help improve his image. And his story is certainly ... interesting.

A University of Alabama freshman, Asia Monroe, 19, says she was introduced to Cousins (who she claimed she never heard of) via Twitter by one of Cousins' friends that she didn't know. Apparently the "friend" is a fellow student of hers. After tweeting, the two exchanged numbers; after a few hours of texting, Monroe says she found Cousins “trustworthy,” then fell for the ultimate slap-on-the-forehead scam: "show me yours, I'll show you mine."

Oy vey.


The self-professed "Twitter model" then sent Cousins a naked video of herself from the neck down. Of course, she thought it'd stay between the two of them ... but does it ever? Nope.

Cousins then allegedly sent the video to the "friend" from her school. But she also said that she has a revealing photo of Cousins, but Cousins' agent is adamantly denying that it's him. Apparently the photo that's supposed to be him began showing up on other websites on Tuesday.

FOX40 asked her if she could provide the number that he texted her from, but she said she deleted it. Looks like this naked pic scandal is going to become yet another matter of he-said, she-said until definitive proof comes out. The NBA said they were going to investigate the allegations and see if there was any inappropriate behavior on Cousins' part.

Without that proof, no one knows for sure who's right and who's wrong and if this should have any effect whatsoever on Cousins' career and image. But if it does indeed turn out to be Cousins, I'm not sure how many more tales of woe will have to come out that will make celebrities stop taking pics of themselves naked on their phones thinking nothing will come of it.

Sure, it's one thing to send it to someone else thinking it stays private, and it's another to have your phone hacked -- but I'm starting to think these celebrities don't really mind the added publicity (unless you're harassing someone or you're married, then it's just gross). It's gotten folks like Cousins, Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johansson, and countless others in the headlines, and it's not like their bodies are torturous to look at. Who knows the reasoning behind it, but you can rest assured that Cousins definitely won't be the last athlete/celebrity who texts or tweets a naked picture of him or herself, thinking it's "private," only to have it be all over the Internet for the rest of time.

What do you make of DeMarcus Cousins sending an inappropriate picture to a 19-year-old (if it is actually him)?

Image via Game Face/Wikimedia Commons

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