Peyton Manning Didn’t Mean to Get Anyone Fired

Peyton ManningPoor Peyton Manning. First the legendary quarterback breaks down in front of the media as he's released from the Indianapolis Colts. And now his generosity to a server has become a big hot mess with her actually getting fired. Seriously, the dude just can't get a break!

By the looks of the receipt from the Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina, that popped up on the Web, Manning knows how to make servers feel appreciated. His $200 tip, on top of a bill that already included an 18 percent gratuity, equals out to about 50 percent of the bill. So what's the problem?


The Angus Barn has fired the server for violating the privacy of their guest -- aka Manning. And on the one hand, I get it. As a restaurant owner, you want people -- especially big spenders like an NFL legend -- to feel like this is a place where they can spend their money without everyone knowing their business. Courting famous people can be extremely lucrative.

So the big to-do is because he's famous. But let's follow this thing around the complicated circle, shall we?

The only reason the server shared this receipt with the web was because Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. And he wasn't slamming the QB. Actually, it was anything but. By showing the world that he tips big time on top of the house gratuity, he was actually giving us all another thing to love about the sweet southern boy.

And because he's famous, this could work better for him than privacy. Famous people depend on their reputations to get new jobs just as much as us normal folks -- heck, maybe more so. And if Manning wants to get another job quaterbacking in the NFL after getting cut loose from the Colts, he can use every bit of good mojo from the masses on his side. Fans want the kind of guy who tips a waitress $200 to come to their city.

So, let's sum this up. She He shouldn't have shared this receipt because he's famous. But then again, because he's famous, it's actually a good thing that she shared it ...

Ach! This is making my head hurt! But not as bad as Peyton's probably is. Because now he's got to deal with a call from this restaurant owner and all sorts of extra publicity at an already complicated time in his life ... when all he really wanted to do was leave a server a nice tip and call it a day.

How does this whole fiasco affect how you feel about Peyton Manning?



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