5 Reasons the New iPad Is a Waste of Money

new ipadThe jig is up. We've been bamboozled. Had. Got the wool pulled over our eyes. There isn't, in fact, an iPad3, or an iPad Mini, like some had been hoping. Instead, there's the "New iPad." Whatever that means.

Obviously, there are some cool things about Apple's latest gadget -- and we told you about them yesterday, so I won't go over them again in excessive detail. (Voice dictation [aka Siri]; new retina display; new iSight Camera, to name a few.) But still. I say save your cash. You really needn't shell out $500 of your hard earned money -- or $729 if you want the 4G. And here are five reasons why.


It isn't an iPad 3! That's what you were excited about, right? You wanted an iPad 3, not a New iPad -- or an iPad 2 II, which, basically, is what this is. Don't sell yourself short. You deserve an iPad 3. Hold out a little longer. Guarantee you the iPad 3 will be here soon enough. Which leads me to my next point ...

The iPad 3 -- and 4 and 5 and 6 -- will be here soon enough. If there's one thing Apple's known for, it's cranking out "new and improved" versions of the cool stuff it already has out. Sure, you might be the envy of your friends now, what with your shiny new New iPad, but in a matter of months, you'll just be coveting your co-worker's iPad 3.

Original iPad 2's are on sale now. Word is, the price of the iPad 2 is going drop fairly significantly. (I've been hearing rumblings of an entry price of $399.) Get to Googling, I'm sure you'll be able to dig up a few killer deals.

It doesn't even have a name! It's weird! If I'm going to spend a serious chunk of my paycheck on something, I want it to be called ... something, anything. Even the "iPad 2 1/2" is better than the "New iPad."

Spend your money on something else. Five-hundred dollars is a lot of money. Instead of throwing it out on another item, spend it on ... an experience. Take a weekend trip. Buy a puppy. Purchase something you'll look back on and think, "Now that was money well-spent."

Are you planning on buying the New iPad?

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