Sexist Jeans Branded 'Shameful' in Angry Twitter Backlash -- Hooray!

sexist jeans label madhouseBy now, you've probably heard about the jeans created by the clothing chain Madhouse, which sport an oh-so-quaint inside label reading, "Give it to your woman, it's her job." Ever since the trousers were exposed by Emma Barnett, a reporter for the Telegraph on Twitter, heads have been exploding over the chauvinistic joke. Bloggers have had a field day making fun of how totally crazy-sexist the jeans are, and get this -- masses of regular, everyday people have been tweeting their discontent! Probably updating their Facebook statuses about it, too.

A few highlights from the Twitterverse include publicity exec Vanessa Truskey's tweet: "Lately I can't tell which decade I'm living in. What brand are those trousers?! I can only assume that's a joke," while others called to "name and shame" the brand. YES! It's really so awesome that the outrage has spread like wildfire.


Because it's just one example of how social media is giving at least a little bit of power back to we the people. It's not like people weren't able to band together behind a common cause back before we had the Internet -- hello, Civil Rights Movement! But Twitter certainly has made it easier for us to get riled up in a flash and band together to make a difference. (Just look at the Arab Spring ...) Now, companies have to keep an eye on how they're being perceived and discussed on Twitter and Facebook. And there's nothing like a tweet tirade to get a corporation ... or a politician or a celebrity to cry "Mea culpa!"

Just look at Patricia Heaton. When faced with her Twitter backlash this past weekend, she had no choice but to tweet an apology.

I'll venture to assert that Emma Barnett did more than just draw our attention to a ridiculously sexist pair of pants the other day. She started a social media revolution! Okay, maybe that's a bit bold, but she really did get the ball rolling for people to call Madhouse out on their misstep. And who knows? Maybe it could make a world of difference ... or at least lead to an apology and elimination of that sexist label!

Do you think tweets could force Madhouse to apologize and change this sexist label?

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