Peyton Manning Cries During Colts Goodbye & We Love Him for It (VIDEO)

Peyton ManningIn the biggest news out of the sports world today, Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, was released from the team. After 14 seasons, we'll no longer see Peyton in his iconic blue-and-white uniform, and everyone's wondering where he's going to end up next.

It's kind of hard not to like Peyton. Everyone knows he comes from a super-talented family and helped lead the Colts to win the Super Bowl back in February 2007. Not only has he succeeded professionally, he's also a loving father of twins and deeply involved in charitable work.

Peyton's just always been a rock-solid, steady presence in the NFL for the past decade and a half. To watch this big, tough football player tear up during his press conference was kind of touching and actually makes you think: Maybe these guys aren't so tough after all!


Here's a video of the press conference:

You can't help but feel for Peyton as he gets choked up as he talks about how much he loves the Colts and the city of Indianapolis. Jim Isray, the owner of the Colts, was the one who began the press conference. And even he had tears in his eyes and seemed overcome by emotion!

"There will be no other Peyton Manning," Irsay said. "We both want to be together .... It's been very difficult."

In any other situation, this probably could come off as one of the most heart-wrenching breakups of 2012. Come on, I thought these guys were supposed to be big, tough men making all these big, tough decisions! Peyton's faced 400-pound linebackers and never shed a tear. I mean, it's just a sport, right? It's just a job and a business. There's no crying in football!

Oh, but that's the thing about sports: It can be much more than a job. There are fans, emotions, history, legacies, camaraderies involved. Real relationships and friendships. Plus a move away from a city Peyton and his family have come to know and love for the past 14 years.

Feel free to call this an unnecessary overreaction on Manning's and Isray's part, but as a sports fan who knows what kind of emotions get involved while watching a game, I'm surprised both of them didn't break down and fall to their knees and weep and whip out their hankies and start hugging each other, whispering "I love you, man"s and "Thanks for everything"s and "P + J, forever"s. Then again -- who knows what happened after the press conference was over ...

What do you think about big, tough Peyton Manning crying at his press conference?


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