Ultimate Tazer Ball Sounds Like the Worst Idea in the History of Sports (VIDEO)

ultimate tazer ballSo you know what sounds like an awesome idea? A sport that's kind of like soccer, except it's played with giant medicine balls, and players get to use stun guns to electrically shock their opponents. Right? It's Ultimate Tazer Ball, man!

No! Not an awesome idea. Not even an acceptable idea. Are these guys out of their minds?

Apparently the three dudes who hatched this brilliant plan -- Leif Kellenberger, Erik Wunsch, and Eric Prumm -- wanted to invent a more "intriguing" sort of sporting event.

I don't know if "intriguing" is the word I'd choose to describe Ultimate Tazer Ball, but, you know. Semantics.


My first thought was, Whoa! What kind of injuries do these "athletes" end up getting saddled with for the rest of their lives?

None, according to Kellenberger:

"These give out between 3 to 5 milli-amps," he said of the tazers. "It feels like a rubber band snap. It's shocking but will only make you twitch or drop the ball. And it works on the nervous system so no one will get immune to it, so we won't have to raise the level in the future to get the same effect."

Huh. Yeah, I would love to hear what that guy has to say in about 10 more years. I'm guessing it'll be something like: "Bzzzzzzz!! Zrrrp! Bzzz!"

Watch and cringe.

Would you ever play Ultimate Tazer Ball?

Image via FoxNews

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