Female Kicker Deserves a Spot on All-Male College Football Team (VIDEO)

mo isom goal'Bout dang time we heard a good girl power story, what with all the ridiculous misogynist ranting in the news lately: 6-foot-tall LSU goalie Mo Isom (Mo is short for Mary Morlan) is such an amazing kicker that Tigers football coach Les Miles is giving her a much-coveted tryout to kick for his team in the fall.

That's right, the football team. The completely male football team.

You go, Mo!

It gets even better. Because after everything Mo Isom has been through, it's a miracle she's a successful athlete at all -- never mind a successful female athlete on the verge of busting into a male-centric sport.


Isom's high school experience was complicated by her battle with an eating disorder. Then came 2009, a year of unthinkable tragedy: First her father John committed suicide, then Isom was in a car accident that left her with a broken neck, ribs, and other internal injuries.

But even more incredible than her physical recovery is the fact that her spirit remains intact. On her facebook page, she wrote:

“Absolutely overwhelmed and humbled by all of the amazing support that has been pouring in surrounding tryouts. There is so much power in prayer, so please know that I truly appreciate every single one of you! Today is the first of a 3-day tryout, so I would appreciate continued prayer through this week. I will keep you all posted on results!”

Continued prayers? Done.

Check out this video of an AMAZING Isom goal:

I predict Mo Isom is gonna kick butt, big time.

Do you hope Mo Isom makes the LSU football team?


Image via wstaff2/YouTube

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