Watch Avalanche Destroy Ski Lift, as Skiers Narrowly Escape (VIDEO)

avalancheWith more and more reports coming out about avalanches this year, maybe you've wondered what exactly a real avalanche, not a movie version, looks like. Well, now here's your chance.

This past weekend, an avalanche hit a ski resort on the St. Francois-Longchamps mountain over the weekend, and yes, it destroyed a lift while people were still riding on it. You can watch this video guilt-free too; believe it or not, no one was hurt. You've gotta wonder how on Earth everyone escaped unscathed, but thank goodness for small miracles!


Here's the video:

I mean, holy crap, how insane is that! Can you imagine being stuck on a lift and seeing an avalanche come straight at you??

And what about all the people at the bottom of the mountain standing there watching? I would have flung off my boots and skis and fled in terror. Perhaps these souls were braver than I was and sticking around to see if they could help out -- but watching a massive pile of snow come at me like a white, slow-crawling insect of death would make me run back to my resort room on higher ground in need of an extremely large cocktail.

Witnesses said the slide started off slowly enough that they didn't think there was any risk, but when they saw it take out the pylons like they were tiny branches stuck in the ground, they soon realized the enormity of the situation. The snow pile may have been been moving slowly, but it certainly was powerful, and you can see the scale of it once it hits the lift. Whew, the ruthlessness and awesomeness of Mother Nature sure is cool and fun to gawk at ... as long as no one gets injured!

Have you ever seen anything like this?


Image via davidzof/YouTube

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