5 iPad Apps Moms Need to Get Their Hands On

With the much-anticipated launch of the iPad 3, I thought it would be fun to highlight a few cool apps for busy moms. Everyone has their own favorites, but these are a few that my wife and I particularly enjoy.

Most of these apps work on iPads (including the latest model) and all of them are free or relatively inexpensive. They're a high-tech way to help your wee ones feel and act better -- and some of these tools may replace cumbersome notebooks and guides.


Yelp - When you have the opportunity to go out, Yelp ensures you don't argue over where you'll eat. Just open up this free app, look for a nice restaurant nearby, and plop down in a booth. Yelp has been our go-to app for restaurant discovery in nearly every city we've visited, and I've even started submitting reviews on the go. The restaurants are ranked by citizen reviewers who let you know what to order and where to go. 

FreePriceAlerts - This app finds the best deals on any shopping site you visit. It works on the iPad and on your PC or Mac and compares prices on any page with the lowest prices around the web. Looking for a printer or a camera? This baby will scour the Internet for better prices on the fly.

The iPhone version can also scan bar codes so you can grab good deals right in the store. It also allows you to create a price watch that will notify you when prices go up or down. It works with most e-commerce sites, including Walmart and Amazon.

BabyConnect - It's hard enough remembering what time Junior ate last, let alone how how long he slept and, more important, what he did when the baby sitter was over. I've seen plenty of moms depend on a little notebook and pencil to note down feeding times and food intake, but this app records it all, including diaper changes, moods, and milestones. It make seem like overkill, but there are plenty of parents out there who would love this record of baby's first years.

BabyTravel - Hitting the road with the little ones can be maddening. This free app makes things a little easier by automatically creating a must-have packing list -- including a number of items you might have forgotten in your rush to get out the door. By telling the app where you're going - whether a warm, cold, or somewhere-in-between place - and the number of adults and kids, you get a customized list of things to bring and buy.

iRewardChart - Finally, there's iRewardChart, an app that lets you rate your children's behavior and reward them accordingly. Each kid has their own account, and you can give each on star ratings based on behavior, chores, and schoolwork. 

It may not beat a whiteboard in the kitchen, but it's great for keeping the little ones motivated on trips or during visits to Grandma.

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