New Way to Skip Ads Online Is Sneaky, but Genius

lolcatYou know what's awesome? Videos on the Internet. You know what's the opposite of awesome? Being forced to sit through a 30-second ad for a car or a brand of detergent before watching the awesome video. I hate it. Probably more than I should. But it isn't just the fact that, ugh, I have to wait a whole half-minute before seeing whatever cute baby or lol-cat I'm about to watch, it's the fact that, hello, I'm being forced to watch something -- I'm a captive audience! Yeah, I guess I could shut my eyes or spin around in my office chair, but come on, I'm not a crazy person.

So, I'm delighted to announce, fellow Internet video watchers, that there is a new plan being put into motion that will let us skip these jank ads once and for all. And it's genius.


The idea is courtesy of Solve Media, a digital advertising agency, and it caters to both the video watcher and the advertiser. In order to skip the ad, the watcher would simply have to type in a few words -- the slogan or jingle, for instance -- and hit enter. The hypothetical example the Huffington Post gave was, "If you're faced with a 30-second GMC ad before a YouTube video, you can type in 'We are professional grade' and be done with it." Also, it probably should be noted AOL (which owns HuffPo) is an investor in Solve Media -- more genius (free) advertising!

Seriously, though, I'm all about this idea. And it does seem like one of the few plans that will satisfy both parties. It doesn't sound like all the logistics are ironed out, but we YouTubers probably won't be able to get away without watching any of the ad, as we have to type in a brand message or whatever, but still -- better than sitting through the whole thing.

Anything to get us to our lol-cats faster, right?

Do you hate sitting through mandatory ads before videos? Do you think this is a good idea?


Image via cheryl.reed/Flickr

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