Patricia Heaton's Twitter Attack on Sandra Fluke Is Gone, But Not Forgotten (VIDEO)

patricia heaton twitterWho knew Everybody Loves Raymond actress Patricia Heaton had such a taste for Twitter controversy? Last week, while heads were exploding over Rush Limbaugh's vile rants, Heaton tweeted her agreement with the misogynistic radio show host in a series of attacks aimed at Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. A few gems: "If every Tweaton sent Georgetown Gal one condom, her parents wouldn’t have to cancel basic cable, & she would never reproduce -- sound good?" and "G-Gal: you’ve given yer folks great gift for Mother’s/Father’s Day! Got up in front of whole world & said I’m having tons of sex- pay 4 it" Several tweets later, her Twitter account was MIA.

Gotta love it when celebs mouth off on social media and then think they can save their reps in one fell swoop by clicking that "delete" button! But now, Heaton is back and has tweeted an "apology." As if that makes all a-okay.


Check out Heaton's latest:

I apologized to Ms. Fluke last week. I may not agree with her views but I didn't treat her with respect and I'm sorry. I was wrong. Mea Culpa.

Can you say passive-aggressive? While I appreciate that it seems like she's seen the error of her ways, it kills me that people believe that just because they railed out on Twitter or Facebook, it's something they can erase and take back instantly. Like Chris Brown's F-bomb-filled freakout after the Grammys. Just because a statement is tweeted and easily deleted doesn't mean it's disposable. It's actually very much the opposite. Haven't they heard? The web is increasingly more permanent, and there's such a thing as a screen-shot! Gasp.

Here's a thought: How 'bout Heaton try thinking before she tweets next time? If she had this time, it might save have saved her loads of embarrassment and then having to tweet a defensive, half-hearted apology.

Check out a video report on Patricia's debacle ...

Do you think Heaton's tweets should be forgiven and forgotten?


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