Insanely Addictive 'Draw Something' Game Is Bound to Be Your Latest Time Suck

I first saw it mentioned in my Twitter feed on Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon I was so hooked I had 25 games going at once. During my finest moment, I successfully drew "zygote," but I also produced a baseball bat that unfortunately resembled a penis, failed to guess a super obvious sketch for the word "price tag," and had to semi-cheat by googling images of Scotland's flag because, well, do YOU know what the flag for Scotland looks like? (I did manage to draw a kilt on my own.)

I'm talking, of course, about Draw Something, the Pictionary-like mobile game for iOS and Android that's gone from being utterly unknown to pulling in more than six million downloads to date. The secret to Draw Something's massive success? It's pretty simple, really: it's ridiculously fun to play.


Basically, Draw Something is a word guessing game using drawings as clues. Say you're playing against your friend Bob—Bob starts by choosing from three words, which range in difficulty (think "bee" vs. "Kate Moss"), then Bob has to make an attempt at sketching the word on his smartphone or iPad. Once he's done, you have to try and guess what the word is by pulling from a pool of scrambled letters.

The best part is that you get to see a playback of Bob's drawing, as if you're watching it happen in real time. Look, I'm not sure why this is so entertaining, it just IS. Watching someone visibly struggle to figure out how to draw a difficult term is freaking hilarious.

The drawing part is equally fun and brain-bending. I mean, how DO you represent the word "Xerox"? If you're me, you try and draw a guy putting his butt on a copy machine.

I don't normally get obsessed with mobile games, but this one's a perfect combination of creativity and challenge. The social aspect is what really makes it stand out, though—it wouldn't be half as fun to be playing against some sort of image-guessing algorithm.  

The downside, other than potentially falling into a mobile device-shaped rabbit hole for hours on end, is that the app's a little buggy at the moment. Issues I've encountered include the app getting stuck while loading a game, long lag times between player updates, and repetitive words (oddly, I've seen "grenade" show up at least five times).

However, the developers say they're working around the clock to provide updates, and at only $0.99 for the download, it's hardly a waste of money. In fact, considering how much entertainment it's given me in the last couple days, I'd say it's been a wildly successful investment.

Have you heard of Draw Something? If you've downloaded it, what do you think?

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