Lamar Odom Makes It Impossible NOT to Love Him

Lamar OdomIs there anything Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom can't do? They've got a reality show that gets top ratings. They have a marriage that has stood the test of time (by Dash standards anyway). And they can make even hardcore Dallas Mavericks fans forget -- overnight -- that their star forward has been acting like a diva lately.

It was only last week, after all, when Lamar announced he was going to take a nice 10-day rest by hanging in the D-League to get himself back into the game. But you wouldn't know he was failing the team if you looked around the American Airlines Center Saturday night.


Lamar got a call from the team asking him to play with them instead of taking the break, and he took it to heart. He put his Mavericks uniform on and showed up. I mean really showed up, he was putting up good numbers when his team needed him on Saturday. Yes, Lamar was back in action. Is it any surprise the fans were right there with him? It doesn't get much clearer than a giant sign in the stands that read "I [Heart] Lammy and Khloe," does it? They even drew a cute little picture of their star forward. Aww!

I'm sure it doesn't hurt Lamar's rep that his famous wife was in the stands rooting for the whole team. People love to get as close as they can to the rich and famous. But there has to be more to it than that, right?

I've got a soft spot for this reality couple because they seem like they really care -- about each other and about the world around them. Lamar's apology to his teammates for struggling these past few weeks wasn't diva-esque at all. As he told the Dallas press:

Before the game I let them know how much I need them. I'm fortunate to have a group of guys like this. Sometimes ... people don't understand what you are going through. Sometimes [you have] to get things in order to ... do what you can do at a high level, consistently or passionately.

See? He gets it! Lamar really sounds like the guy who won the NBA's coveted Sixth Man of the Year Award last year, doesn't he? He's dedicated and even -- I dare say -- a little bit humble. You've got to love a guy who is willing to prove he hasn't gotten to big for his britches even if he is married to a Kardashian!

What do you love about Khloe and Lamar?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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