Christina Hendricks' Story About Naked Photo Leak Is Confusing at Best

christina hendricksChristina Hendricks is having somewhat of a tough Monday, to say the least. There is a topless photo, presumably of her, floating around the web right now, and of course, plenty of hungry eyes are eager to see the Mad Men star without her shirt on. (I can't imagine why.) Her rep is denying that the photo is real, however, and insists that the person pictured is an "impostor."

Unfortunately, there seems to be a small flaw in that theory. Because poor Christina's cellphone was recently hacked, and apparently there were some fairly risque photos of her on there, including one where she isn't wearing too many clothes.

Let me get this straight -- there are scantily clad stolen photos of Christina, but the naked one going around is probably not her. Yeah -- ok.


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It sounds to me like Hendricks' rep responded too quickly in addressing the question of whether or not this photo was actually of his client. Why on earth would he deny that the person pictured in the photo was Christina, but then go ahead and put it out there that similar photos of her do exist, and may have been leaked after her phone was hacked? The whole thing just doesn't make any sense.

Which brings us to another baffling question: Why in the world do celebrities keep taking racy photos of themselves using their cellphone cameras? You'd think that after hearing about all of the other famous people who have had risque photos leaked, celebs would wise up and say to themselves, "Gee -- maybe I should take this bra-less picture of myself with something other than my smartphone." Don't any of them own digital cameras these days? Oh yeah -- wait a minute -- there is that little thing called publicity. But are nude photos really worth the extra hype they create? Reactions from fans aren't always positive, you know.

Do you think that the leaked photo of Christina is authentic?


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