Lady Gaga Officially Becomes Queen of Twitter & We’re Not Surprised

lady gagaLady Gaga made history this weekend. Again. (She's always making history, right?) The pop star set a record on Saturday when she became the first person to reach 20 million followers on the social networking site. Dude. That's a lot of followers. Will there ever be anything that she doesn't totally and completely dominate at? I think someone needs to challenge her to a fencing match or something.


The top five most followed people on Twitter -- excluding Gaga -- are, randomly, all musicians, as well. Justin Bieber has over 18 million followers; Britney Spears has over 13 million; Katy Perry has around 16 million; and Shakira and Rihanna both have around 15. How did Lady G manage to beat them all, like she beats them at everything else?

Well, for one, she claims to manage her Twitter account personally (unlike, say, Spears, whose management team does most of her tweeting). And that seems legit. If you peruse Gaga's Twitter page, all of the Tweets do seem to be genuine Gaga, and of course, there's plenty o' Twit Pics, which we love.

The other reason Gaga's so popular on the Twitters has to be because, well, she's just different. She isn't like anybody else -- even on Twitter. I think the majority of what the other big-on-Twitter pop stars tweet is pretty vanilla, pretty standard. Gaga's tweets have a little more substance -- even a wry sense of humor. It's like we get to genuinely know her a little more through her Twitter account, as opposed to just reading random, mundane tweets.

Or maybe I'm putting too much thought into all of this. Maybe Gaga's just the most popular person on Twitter because she rules. Plain and simple.

Do you follow Lady Gaga on Twitter? Who's your favorite Tweeter?


Image via TJ Sengel/Flickr

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