Cursing Sportscaster Forgets He's Live on Camera (VIDEO)

craig smylieI'm all about second chances. Everybody makes mistakes, right? Some days, by the time you get to about mid-afternoon, you'd call a do-over if you could. Everything's wrong, nothing's right, let's just forget this day ever happened, okay? Try another one tomorrow.

So I kind of feel bad for Craig Smylie, the JET 24 Sports Reporter who managed to cram a day's worth of screw-ups into about 30 seconds of live television.

It was kind of a 3 step process, from what I can tell:


First there was the initial mistake. I'm not sure what it was, but something he said was the wrong thing, because that's what led to the second mistake -- a big old frustrated curse. Whoops! Smylie totally knew he wasn't supposed to say that! Enter mistake #3 ...

Smylie, understandably, wanted a do-over. But dude forgot about the whole LIVE BROADCAST thing.

Yeah. It's painful to see. But it's also really, really, really funny.

Watch and cringe:

Oh, Craig Smylie.

Do you ever feel like you wish you could just do "another take" in life?

Image via ViralFailVideos/YouTube


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