Justin Bieber Is Going to Extremes Now That He’s 18

Justin BieberTalk about bringing March in like a lion! Justin Bieber celebrated the big 18 yesterday with more than a few jabs at the cougar fans. It seems the Biebs is planning a birthday celebration to die for.

No really, people have been known to die when they strap on a parachute and go skydiving, which is why even Selena Gomez's boyfriend couldn't convince anyone to let him try extreme sports before he hit manhood (wait, I just said Justin Bieber is a man ... is a moment of silence necessary?). But you don't think a kid who was just 16 when he was named the MVP of the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game is going to wait much longer than he had to add to his impressive roster of athletic feats mastered, do you?


The man himself told TMZ he's making plans to make the big jump now that no one can hold him back. It wasn't on the agenda for the actual birthday yesterday, but it sounds like it will be soon. After all -- little dude has been waiting patiently! The Biebs has been talking about jumping out of an airplane since way back in 2010 (that's a long time in kid years) when he convinced his mom to bungee jump off New Zealand's Auckland Bridge when he was just 16.

He had so much fun, Bieber said being airborne gave him a buzz. But being one of the richest kids in America wasn't enough to convince anyone take him out as minor. So he had to make due with piddly stuff. You know, playing soccer on the field with David Beckham and members of the elite FC Barcelona; showing up the likes of New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant, and New Orleans Hornet's Chris Paul at Ludacris' charity basketball tournament.

But now that he's a man, he can make all his dreams come true. You know, like throwing himself out of an airplane.

How does this rank in all the crazy birthday news we've heard on the Biebs so far?


Image via Daniel Ogren/Flickr

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