Sneaky 'Cell Phone Jammer' Zaps You if You Talk Too Loudly on the Phone

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By the time you finish this post about the elusive "Cell Phone Jammer" in Philadelphia, you'll either want to hug him or slug him. He's this guy who rides the 44 bus, and when he gets annoyed by people who are talking too loud and obnoxiously on their cellphone, he jams their signal with a walkie-talkie type gadget with multiple antennas. Can you even imagine? There you are innocently gabbing to your friend about what you're having for lunch for all the world to hear, and then with a simple "ZAP!" this guy causes your call to drop. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? How brilliant! He's like Batman -- but instead of making our world safer, he's making it a whole lot quieter and less annoying.


Obnoxious cellphone talkers are one of my biggest pet peeves, yet they seem to be multiplying at a frightening rate. Why are people so inconsiderate on their phone I'll never understand. Props to this guy for trying to make it stop.

But while I admire his spirit, it would be even more awesome if this guy could find a less dangerous way to rid the world of loud talkers. The scary thing about this vigilante is that he actually puts people's lives in danger. See, blocking a cellphone's signal can also block GPS, two-way radios, and even police radio if they’re close enough. If there were an accident or emergency on the bus -- or somewhere in the vicinity of the bus -- people might have trouble contacting 911 or other emergency services. If something bad were to happen, a lot of people could end up hurt because of this guy.

There are plenty of other legal ways to make his point. How about blowing an air horn in someone's face? That would certainly make me get off my phone (and maybe punch someone, too). Or how about simply asking them to lower their voices? A little (legal) politeness can go a long, long way.

Do you think the Cell Phone Jammer is a good guy or bad guy?

Image via me and the sysop/Flickr

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