Danica Patrick Called ‘B’ Word: When Will Sports Reporters Learn? (VIDEO)

Danica Patrick Ross ShimabukuAnother day, another newscaster getting into trouble for saying the wrong thing. Danica Patrick, the victim this time around, has made headlines lately for complaining how the media always calls her "sexy," and for ending her first NASCAR Sprint Cup race with a crash.

So this is what happened: The newscaster who got into trouble, Ross Shimabuku, showed a clip of Patrick asking, "Is there any other word that you can use to describe me?" in a video clip (referring to how she hates being called "sexy" all the time).

Shimabuku responded: "Oh, I've got a few words. Starts with a ‘B', and it's not ‘beautiful.'"

That comment got the sports reporter suspended. And I think it's an appropriate punishment.


So Shimabuku didn't come out and actually say the "b" word, but it was enough of an insinuation to get a lot of people angry. Fox 5 tweeted that the reporter had been suspended without pay for a week, and he has also since apologized.

Though some people are making light of it, saying he meant "blonde" or "boring," it's inevitably a long row to hoe being a female in a male-dominated sport. Or any minority in any sport. Like how the media is coming to terms with what's okay and not okay when talking about an athlete like Jeremy Lin, I firmly believe that when it comes to any kind of minority trying to find their own way in a media-scrutinized sport, it's a best policy to be extra careful with one's words.

Of course, others will say that everyone's being super over-sensitive and political correctness will soon take over the world, and that we should all lighten up. And I agree to a certain extent. But these guys who are making these dumb comments, they're professionals. They really ought to know better. Even if he didn't say the b-word, implying it was unprofessional and uncalled for. Danica, whether you like her or not, is paving the way for female racers. Labeling her a "b*tch" only scratches the surface of what hurdles women have to face in male-dominated sports.

Danica may be completely off-base for not wanting to be called "sexy," especially in light of those Go Daddy commercials. And sports reporters may be completely bewildered by Jeremy Lin's skill and his takeover of the universe as an Asian Harvard grad. But there's no need to use the "b" or "c" word when referring to them in a public setting. No need at all. Can't we just avoid using these words in whatever context when referring to athletes?

Here's the clip if you haven't seen it yet:

Do you think this announcer should have been suspended for his comment? Do you think it was sexist?


Image via WomensMediaCenter/YouTube

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