AutoCorrect Causes School Lockdown? Damn You, AutoCorrect!

textingEveryone has a horror story about a text message they intended to send only to have it "corrected" by that annoying and always wrong AutoCorrect function. But this one from a middle school and high school in Gainesville, Georgia really takes the cake.

The schools were on lockdown Wednesday after a student sent what was supposed to be a harmless text turned into a scary, threatening message thanks to AutoCorrect. The original text read, "gunna be at west hall today" ("gunna" as in "going to"). Can you guess what AutoCorrect changed the text to?


The cellphone changed "gunna" to "gunman"  -- as in "gunman be at west hall today." To add to the confusion, the student accidentally sent the text to the wrong person. Understandably alarmed by the gunman text from a strange number, the recipient called the police. The schools were put on lockdown until the authorities were able to trace the message to its sender and determine there was no threat.

Obviously, the incident caused a lot of needless anxiety for the students, parents, and school administration. But the person who called the police isn't to blame. In fact, I can totally understand why they reacted how they did, especially considering the tragic school shooting that occurred this week in Ohio. Everyone is on red alert for situations like these, and this person acted accordingly.

If anything is to be blamed, it's that frustrating AutoCorrect function. Most of the time it's just embarrassing us with its relentlessly inane corrections and bloopers, but in this case, it actually scared a lot of people! Don't you think it's about time we all just turned the damn thing off?

Have you ever had any embarrassing autocorrect gaffes?


Image via me and the sysop/Flickr

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