5 Camera Phone Ideas That Will Make Your Kids Miss You a Little Less

stuffed toyIf you've ever been on a trip and gotten one of those phone calls from a sad, sniffly kid, you know it's the pits. Sure, it's nice to know they miss you, but it's hard to give a hug from a few thousand miles away to fix separation anxiety! And this, my friends, is why every parent needs a camera phone.

Trust me. I was all the way across the country last year when my daughter called in tears, and my smartphone saved me from melting into a pool of mom guilt! Even if you're just going to be separated for a day or a few hours, here's how to make the camera phone work to keep your kids from missing you too much!


1. Take one of their favorite stuffed animals on the road, and shoot pictures of him (or her) hanging at the spots you've visited that you can text to kiddo's caretaker. They don't have to be exciting spots. If your trip is a slew of conference room after conference room after conference room, it's OK. Focus on you and the little toy -- not the "scene" because just seeing their best bud and you in the photo will let them know you've got a connection.

2. Snap a few photos of you together before you leave, and store them on your phone. Then talk to your child about how you'll be looking at those photos whenever you feel down. It's sure to be the truth, and it will give them a little mood boost knowing you're carrying them with you everywhere you go!

3. Shoot photos of the various places you visit, and send them back home. There are apps you can use to turn your photos into postcards -- virtual or physical! Seeing where you are can ease a little one's anxiety big time. Bonus: if this is a place you will frequent, you can use the photos later to build a small book for your child to reference when you're away.

4. Add your favorite photo upload site to the favorites on your child's computer (or a caretaker's computer). Upload photos you take while you're away to that site, from the food you're eating to the look of your hotel room, so they can keep tabs on what you're up to. If you are going to do this, try to let them know when you'll be uploading so they aren't disappointed when they check out the site.

5. Take photos or a video of the people you're spending your time with waving to your child and send it back home. Knowing Mom or Dad is passing the time with someone nice can set their little minds at ease!

What are your favorite photo tricks to ease your child's separation anxiety from far away?


Image via Lara604/Flickr

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