Your iPad 2 Could Soon Land in the Trash

ipadAttention, folks mulling over buying an iPad 2! Don't do it! According to several tech sites, an iPad 3 is just around the corner -- like March 6 or 7 around-the-corner.

I mean, seriously, are you surprised? Does it honestly shock you that Apple is coming out with a bigger, stronger, faster version of a product of theirs that hasn't even been on the market for a year? It shouldn't. It's a little thing they do called planned obsolescence. And, honestly, it's a pain in the ass.


Lovers of all things Apple always want their latest gadget the second it makes its debut. Remember the lunacy that ensued when the iPhone came out? How about the iPad? It's insanity. You absolutely have to have one if you're a real Apple fan. But the thing that sucks about being a so-called real Apple fan, as I consider myself to be, is, well, you're always going to be slightly behind the game -- unless you're slightly rich.

My dad, swell guy that he is, bought me an iPad for Christmas two years ago because, well, honestly he had no clue what to get me. Regardless, it was awesome. I played with it and played with it, but always at the back of my mind was the fact that, pretty soon, there's going to be a new and improved version of this, and I'm not going to have it, 'cause I ain't shellin' out the cash.

And that's always the case with Apple products. Are they awesome? Obviously. But a bigger, stronger, faster version is always around the corner -- and whatever version you have is going to feel archaic unless you get that version.

So, I guess, basically, this is really just a long-winded way of me saying, "If you were going to buy an iPad 2, hold off. 'Cause the iPad 3 is (probably) around the corner." Though you may want to hold off on buying an iPad 3, also. 'Cause, really, an iPad 4 can't be that far off. 

Do you have an iPad?


Image via Veronica Belmont/Flickr

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