Jeremy Lin Gets Silly With a Kid & We Love Him Even More (VIDEO)

Jeremy Lin Blake Griffin

The New York Knicks haven't taken the court since February 23 and won't be playing again until February 29, which means I'm missing me some Jeremy Lin. But luckily we got to see him at the NBA All-Star game this weekend, and he made headlines not for his play (well, okay, he makes headlines for just about anything he does), but for the fact that his mother didn't seem to teach him one of the most important golden rules ever:

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Lin not only stole a young fan's hat, he then proceeded to eat some of the kid's snack. When Blake Griffin, who was sitting next to Lin and a player for the Los Angeles Clippers, asked for some of the snack too, Lin tried his best to persuade the kid not to give any to him! What a brat. Maybe Lin-sanity is finally getting to Lin's head?


Nah, the two guys were just messing around having some fun with a young fan. If I were that kid, I'd be completely stoked, but I'd certainly ask Jeremy and Blake to sign my hat and give it back!

Side note: Not sure what's up with Lin's voice at the very beginning of the video, but it sounded like something was stuck in his throat. Maybe that's why he beckoned the kid over in order to take some of his tasty snack? I'd probably hand over that bag of pretzels to Jeremy along with my tears and soul and never move from that seat ever again.

The cute little guy looked so thrilled and awe-struck -- how much fun would it be to have one of the hottest athletes in the world right now ask you to come sit next to him? And the fact these two all-stars could hang out with this fan and share his snack and make jokes with him reinforces what I love about sports: These tiny unscripted moments that remind us that athletes are just normal people too.

But yeah, seriously, I'd most definitely ask for my hat back! And then sell that pretzel bag on eBay.

What do you think of Jeremy Lin not letting this kid share his snack with Blake Griffin?


Image via LinsanityFan17/YouTube

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