Follow Angelina Jolie's Naked Leg on Twitter!

angies right legGuess what my favorite part of the Oscars awards show was last night! The dresses. The presenters. Multiple close-ups of George Clooney's face. No to all the above: It was the moment @AngiesRightLeg popped up in my Twitter stream.

That's right, Angelina Jolie's talented leg up and got its own dang Twitter handle: @AngiesRightLeg -- you know, the one that was constantly posed poking out of her va-voom Versace gown, all leggish and long leggy-leg-like. What was that all about? We may never know. But one thing's for sure, that Twitter bit stole the show for me.


Most of @AngiesRightLeg posts are just desperate-sounding pleas for attention, like "Look at this leg!" and "Hey, check me out" and "Look at meee" and of course, "I'm a leg." Lest we forget. Last night after about the fifth tweet, AngieLeg had about 3,000 followers. Now she has over 12,000. A  LEG. HAS TWELVE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER. Obviously you need to be a prominently-placed leg to get the fast Twitter action.

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Because there's also The Other Leg, aka @AngiesLeftLeg. We never got to actually see this leg on camera, sheathed though she was underneath that black shroud. And look -- only 23 followers as of this writing. Awww! Poor Other Leg says, "Feeling 'left' out... tonight." "Great. My other half is going to be all the talk for the remainder of the week... On the average day, I'm worked just as hard." And most poignantly, "Perhaps I'll be nominated for a 'Best Supporting' role in the 84th Oscars."

So glad someone thought to bring both legs together in this photo.

Meanwhile, @JLosNipple would like a little attention, too! In case you didn't notice ... oh who am I kidding? Of course you noticed what appeared to be a bit of a nip slip thanks to J. Lo's extremely low and incredibly not-close plunging neckline last night. My favorite tweet: "I have no regrets....I have been confined for years and have never been given a chance to be heard." And I called it! Who better to explain the wardrobe malfunction than @JLosNipple -- yeah, here it is. Oh Twitter, how ever did we watch the Oscars without you before?

Do you like your Oscars with a side of Twitter?


Image via @AngiesRightLeg

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