There's a Right Way & a Wrong Way to Watch the Oscars

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Sure, you could watch the Oscars the way we've all been doing it for decades: sprawled out on the couch with the remote in one hand and maybe even a festive raspberry champagne cocktail in the other. But what would be the fun in that?

A much better idea is to watch the Oscars on two screens. You know just what I mean, right? In one hand, you have the remote for your TV and in the other you have your iPad or smart phone. How else are you going to share your thoughts with the world about how you can't tell the difference between Billy Crystal in 2012 versus Billy Crystal in 1997? How else are you going to see what everyone's saying about George Clooney looking beyond dapper in his tux? Trust me, friend. Two screens are the only way to go.


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It's not just me that's pushing two screens. Industry experts are actually predicting that because of the Academy Awards, Sunday will be the biggest night EVER for social media. ABC is taking advantage of this phenomenon with a Web site that features behind-the-scenes video streams: We'll watch the Oscar winners accept their award on the TV set, then click to see them backstage on the stream. So cool!

And, of course, Twitter will be going absolutely nuts as everyone all over the world weighs in with their opinion. During the Grammy's Twitter traffic peaked at an absolutely astounding 65,000 tweets per second, so it will be interesting to see if the Oscars will break that record. To help with that Twitter Inc. has hired several celebs to tweet throughout the ceremony, including Eva Longoria, Randy Jackson, and Whitney Cummings.

And, as an added bonus, one of very our amazing writers, Mary Fischer, otherwise known as the Mommyologist, will be taking over The Stir's Twitter account for one night only and live-tweeting the Oscars from start to finish. Be sure to follow @The_Stir to read her hilarious, up-to-the-minute commentary -- on your second screen, of course!

Will you be on Twitter during the Oscars?


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