Knicks' Superstar Jeremy Lin Gets Spoofed on ... EVERYTHING! (VIDEOS)

Jeremy Lin SNLYou know what's the clearest indicator that you've actually, truly "made it"? When late-night and sketch comedy television can't get enough of you. That's exactly what's been happening to Jeremy Lin, the star New York Knicks point guard who's provided endless fodder for comedic, satirical entertainment. The world LOVES this guy right now! From his easily punned last name to how everyone's dealing with the fact that an Asian American Harvard grad is good at basketball, there's plenty of material for all the comedians and late-night hosts out there.

In case you've missed your favorite TV shows' take on the phenomenon that is Jeremy Lin, we've rounded up five of the best for you. Who does it best, Dave Letterman, Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien? See for yourself!


Ever since Jimmy Fallon's Tim Tebow spoof, it was only a matter of time for him to come out with one about Jeremy Lin. "Pearl Jam" showed up to sing their hit about Lin, and he went on about how Jeremy is "like an Asian Tebow" and how he recently turned down a date with Kim Kardashian -- now that definitely means you've made it if you turn down a Kardashian date.

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You are most certainly not a celebrity unless you have a Top 10 List by Dave Letterman done for you in your honor. Dave rattled off the 10 worst Jeremy Lin puns. Think this video does the most LIN-teresting man in the world justice?

I happen to think the spoof done by Saturday Night Live is funny yet ... kind of deep. They couldn't put in enough terrible puns about Lin, but they also touch on the racially charged comments by many publications. They spoof how some people are sensitive to certain comments while others are seen as funny and acceptable. Pretty complex for SNL, huh?

Of course, we can't go through life without hearing about LIN-sanity from the one and only Stephen Colbert. Like Stephen says, "You know things are rough when a Harvard economics grad like Jeremy Lin has an easier time getting a job as an NBA point guard than as a Wall Street bond trader."

Even Conan O'Brien had his African American writer jump in with his viewpoints, but first with the warning: "Let me do my 'I'm about to say something racist' look-around," as he scans the audience. After a passionate plea to let African Americans keep basketball, he hit the nail on the head when he quips, "I guess we hurt Asians as well when we came up with a rap group called Wu-Tang Clan."

Finally, who better than Jon Stewart to help put things into perspective. Jon Stewart's senior black correspondent couldn't get over the fact that Asians have been taking over everything African Americans used to be best at, even their "I have a dream" speech! It's revenge for having a black astrophysicist ... that's Asians' turf!


Which show do you think spoofed Jeremy Lin and Linsanity better?

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