Lea Michele Makes This Big Tech Mistake on Vacation

Laa Michele tweets on vacationWhat I would do to be on vacation right now. Just thinking about smooth sand in between my toes and a deeelish frozen margarita by my side makes me feel all warm inside. Unfortunately, vacays = $$$, which is exactly why I'm OK with living vicariously through Lea Michele, for now. Glee's Rachel headed down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, earlier this week, and decided to post a few playful pics from her fun in the sun to her Twitter.

From her photos, it seems to me like Lea's having quite the good time. However, it also seems like the actress has made mistake numero uno when it comes to taking a vacation: Forgetting to unplug.


Not only did Lea post four pics from her vacation, but she also sent a whole slew of other messages into the Twittersphere. Do you see where Lea is? The sand, that infinity pool, the abundant clear blue skies ... it all looks amazing. But if she's connected to her phone the whole time, I doubt she'll enjoy it as much.

The whole purpose of going on a vacation is to remove yourself from your normal environment and destress. When you're by your phone or, eeeek -- god forbid a computer, you lose that element of relaxation. Of course taking photos, that's fine. That's part of the fun of going to beautiful places! But proceeding to tweet and post those photos to sites like Pinterest and Facebook automatically opens you up for comments, dialogue, criticisms, you name it. The last thing you want to deal with on your vacay is reading something you didn't wanna see from someone back home, right?

Not to mention -- posting photos of your tropical romp shows everyone in your network that you're AWAY from home. I think we all know that isn't exactly the safest idea, right? Do yourself a favor, disconnect entirely, and your vacation (and you) will be better for it.

Do you tend to disconnect when you're on vacation?


Image via Splash News

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