Jeremy Lin + Tim Tebow = Cutest Sports Bromance Ever

Jeremy Lin Tim Tebow
Best bromance ever
Wanna know what would probably be one of the best bromances in the sports world ever? Last year's rage Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and the latest rage New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. And it looks like they took the first step in making our dreams come true by connecting over the telephone!

Lin, who's taking the Knicks and NBA by storm, has become an overnight sensation, facing the same kind of media pressure and scrutiny that Tebow endured during the end of the NFL season. Lin's former chaplain at Harvard, Adrian Tam, told People that the two spoke and couldn't say enough cute stuff about each other, becoming instant friends. And why shouldn't they!


Both of them are great athletes, they're devout Christians, they're very into their families, they were thrust into the spotlight and called the saviors of their team, and they seem like all around pretty nice guys. Though I'd argue that Lin was more of an underdog and is breaking far more barriers than Tebow, I think they have a lot of common ground and could learn a lot from each other ... even lean on each other when times (inevitably) get tough.

It turns out Lin was a fan of Tebow's back when Tebow was playing football as a Florida Gator. "They've spoken over the telephone. Jeremy's been a fan of Tebow's for a while, but only recently were they able to connect," says Tam of Lin. "His comment to me was that Tim is a really great guy and that he's very inspired by him."

Tebow couldn't help sharing the love right back. "How he handles himself and how he carries himself, I think he's a great role model," he said. "I think he's handling himself great and I think he can take care of himself. And I just say keep being true to him and keep working hard and don't listen to everybody else."

What great advice from someone who's definitely been there.

As a sports fan, I was surprised that seemed to be more hype surrounding Tebow and his spirituality than there was about other athletes who were rapists, adulterers, drunk drivers, etc. I'm glad Tebow can find a fellow-in-arms in Lin, and that Tebow is well aware of what people will say due to Lin's faith and can give him some solid advice. Maybe we'll see Tebow at the next Knicks game so this classic sports bromance can continue to blossom before our eyes.

Here's Tebow talking about Lin to ESPN:

What do you think of Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow's friendship? Should they be more private about their faith?

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