Man Sues Over Unflattering Facebook Photos and Loses -- Surprise!

gavelYou know how sometimes, after a party or an event or any place you've had too much to drink, you dread logging on to Facebook the next day because, if memory serves you correctly, there were a lot of photos being snapped? And then when you do finally log on, and you see the little red number of notifications on the left hand side of your screen, your heart sinks a bit, because you know there's bound to be some super unflattering pics of you blasted across the site? Yeah, well, apparently this is something we're all going to have to live with for all eternity, because a judge just surprisingly ruled that a man can't sue his uncle for tagging crappy photos of him on Facebook.

I'm just kidding, that's not surprising at all -- who sues over unflattering Facebook photos? This guy, apparently!


Aaron Olson of Minnesota took his uncle, Randall LaBrie, to court -- for harassment, no less -- after LeBrie posted a childhood photo of him posing in front of a Christmas tree, along with a rude caption. LaBrie removed the tags from the photos after Olson asked him to, but added that if he didn't like the photos, he "should stay off Facebook." The judge involved in the case didn't feel like such behavior constituted harassment. And as much as I hate craptacular photos of myself spread across the Internet, I agree.

That said, though, I'm also a big believer in asking someone if it's okay to tag them in a photo. It's just common courtesy. Nobody likes hopping on to Facebook to see a battery of awkward, ugly pictures of themselves. Especially when they're accompanied by a rude caption. KnowwhatI'msayin'?

Do you ask people before tagging them?


Image via steakpinball/Flickr

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