Unsettling 'Nightline' Tour of Apple Factory Won't Make Me Ditch My iPhone (VIDEO)

Nightline inside Foxconn Apple factoryI've never questioned where my precious white iPhone came from. I guess after going to one-too-many Apple stores, I envisioned a similar operation on a larger scale, based in China, where the workers are happy, playing with iPhones all day, and wearing matching royal blue T-shirts. Thanks to ABC's Nightline, I now know I was very wrong. Tuesday night Nightline correspondent Bill Weir took viewers on the first-ever tour of Foxconn -- the plant where Apple products are made. It was anything BUT the Apple utopia of my dreams.

In the factory, thousands work 12-hour shifts. They're overtired and get paid $1.78 an hour. Most of the Apple products are handmade, and it takes five days and roughly 325 sets of hands to assemble one iPad. What's worse? Outside of Foxconn, there are suicide nets.

Horrifying? Yes. Did it make me think the company needs to improve its working conditions? Of course. However, knowing about Foxconn doesn't make me want to stop being a dedicated Apple customer.


The entire segment from last night's Nightline is up on their website, but you can take a preview here:

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Does watching this footage warm my heart and make me feel like an awesome person? Of course it doesn't. However, Apple products are the best ones on the market right now. In my mind, there's really no way to argue that. From the MacBook Pro to the iPhone and iPod -- everything I've ever owned with the Apple logo on it has been reliable, high-functioning, and long-lasting.

When you watch the whole segment, you can see that people in China WANT to work at Foxconn. In fact, they gather in masses trying to get in the factory gates. The demand is high, and the company needs to employ more and more workers to fill the gazillions of orders. Sure, inside the factory isn't my ideal Apple utopia. However, the harsh reality is that if the iDemand is going to keep booming (and something tells me it is), then nothing's going to be changing at Foxconn any time soon. 

Does seeing the Nightline segment make you feel differently about buying Apple products?


Image via Nightline

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