Raiders QB Jason Campbell’s Wedding Drama Leaves Bride & Guests Jilted

Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell
Even though it's the off-season for the NFL, you can always count on the players to stir up some serious drama any day of the year. The most recent player in the spotlight? Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, Jason Campbell, who apparently left his bride jilted at the altar. And ... it gets worse.

This past weekend, the two were supposed to get married, and 162 of their guests flew down to the Dominican Republic to celebrate their nuptials. But Jason and his fiance Yenicia “Jenny” Montes called off the wedding at the very last minute. So last minute, the guests received the news that the wedding was cancelled after they had arrived, only hours before the ceremony, and were never informed why!


Jason and Jenny have been together on and off for the past seven years. The two met back in 2005, when Jason spotted Jenny, a nightclub hostess, dancing on a bar during her 25th birthday. After multiple breakups and moves, they found their way back to each other and ended up getting engaged. During the days leading up to the wedding, Jenny tweeted about all the details and how excited she was. There were 23 attendants in their wedding party, so it was going to be quite a bash. Unfortunately, it never happened.

Now, Jason denies he "left her at the altar" and says the decision was mutual. "That stuff is just crazy," he said. "Jenny’s a good person and I’m a good person. I don’t even know why people would put all those lies out there." They went down to DR and "just made a vacation out of it" -- but apparently failed to tell their guests about the fact the wedding was cancelled?

Don't get me wrong, I'd be very happy if Jason and Jenny came to this mutual decision and didn't go through with getting married instead of facing the pain of a divorce a few years (or months, if you're a Kardashian) down the road. But if I were a guest and learned they went anyway to go on vacation and didn't tell me the wedding was off as soon as they could -- you know, after taking the time off, dealing with the expense of flying down there, buying a gift, etc. -- I'd be more than a little pissed off. Something's not adding up here!

I mean, Jenny was so confident about Jason becoming her husband, she even got her married initials tattooed on her shoulder. Kind of leaning toward the theory that Jason called this one off. I guess she could always say that it means "Jesus Christ" instead?

Do you think Jason Campbell left Jenny at the altar, or are they just vacationing in the Caribbean like he claims?


Image via Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia

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