Even Beyonce & Jay-Z Aren't Immune to 'Linsanity' (PHOTO)

beyonce and jay-zBeyonce and Jay-Z Are Going Linsane!For those of you who dared to doubt the power of Linsanity, how's this for proof? Even Beyonce and Jay-Z were blown away by Knicks phenom Jeremy Lin at last night's Knicks/Nets game ... and Jay-Z is part-owner of the Nets! Not that Jay-Z had any reason to feel threatened, apparently, since the Nets ended up winning the game.

But still.

If this kind of thing keeps up, somebody's going to have to go ahead and classify Linsanity as an infectious disease.

And the worst part is, there's just no telling which celeb basketball team owner will catch Linsanity next ...


Maybe Usher (the Cleveland Cavaliers)? Possibly Nelly and/or Michael Jordan (the Charlotte Bobcats).

Pretty soon they're going to have to develop a vaccine for Linsanity. In the meantime, the critically Linsane will probably have to be quarantined.

I mean, let's face it: Jay-Z is no pushover. Anyone who can impress that man has some serious mojo going on.

Do you think Linsanity is getting out of control?


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