Chris Brown’s Tweet to Rihanna Was So Not Innocent

chris brownChris Brown has been garnering all sorts of crazy publicity lately -- some good, some, like, super bad, some that's fueling rumors of a Rihanna reconciliation. And apparently he likes it, because he's continuing to do things, besides merely existing, that are getting him more and more press. Like wishing ex-girlfriend Rihanna a Happy Birthday. On Twitter.

I know, right?


Sunday night, Brown tweeted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROBYN!" to Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty. Ri-Ri re-tweeted his message along with the response, "Thanks." Now, to the naked eye, this may not seem like a big deal; it may seem like simply a nice gesture, but, if you dig a little deeper, like we here at The Stir like to do, you'll see that this seemingly innocuous tweet is totally more than it seems.

Brown (and perhaps Rihanna, too) wants the world to know that everything between him and his ex are cool -- and he also wants people to think that they might be getting back together. I mean, why else would he wish Rihanna a Happy Birthday on Twitter? If he really wanted to send her a message, he could have just texted her or picked up the phone and called? The world didn't need to be privy to his birthday love for Ri.

I see through you and your tweeting, Chris Brown. Like, big time. And aside from dedicating an entire blog post about you, I'm not going to pay you any mind. 'Cause that's exactly what you want, now isn't it?

Here's more on the Chris Brown/birthday tweet scandal:


Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together?


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