5 Things That Make You Look Creepy on Twitter

Are you totally and completely addicted to Twitter? I think it's safe to say that the majority of us are these days. I mean -- where else can you follow the conversations of your favorite celebrities, get valuable business information, chat with your friends, and get breaking news on whatever the hot topic of the moment is on any given day all in one place?

Twitter is definitely a huge part of our lives, but as more people join and begin engaging with us on the site, it gets harder and harder to tell who is truly legit and genuine and who is super shady and simply looking for a way to latch onto unsuspecting people.

And if you aren't following proper Twitter etiquette, then you may wind up looking pretty creepy to the people you interact with, even if you are a normal, cool person.


That said, here are 5 things that make you appear creepy on Twitter and make people want to unfollow or stop engaging with you immediately.

1. Replying to every single tweet: OMG. The whole point of Twitter is to engage with others, but over-engagement is incredibly bad. It's great to respond to tweets and let others know your reactions to what they said, but if you are constantly commenting or responding to every single tweet that someone puts out, it totally makes you look like a stalker. Dial it down a notch -- otherwise you'll wind up scaring people off.

2. Not changing your profile picture from an egg to a real photo: As soon as I see an "egg" follow me or send me a tweet, I immediately assume it's spam, even if whatever they say to me sounds legit. It's totally impossible to tell whether or not you are talking to a real person. The egg makes you look like you have something to hide. Besides, if you don't know how to upload a photo to your profile, then you probably have no business being on Twitter anyway.

3. Begging for people to follow you: If you want people to follow you on Twitter, then you have to start a conversation with them and give them a reason to want to keep talking to you. Sending out a tweet to someone that says, "Can I get a follow back?" or something along those lines just makes you look pathetic and desperate. And it also makes you look like you have no communication skills whatsoever, which in turn makes you look like someone who sits alone in a dark room at the computer all the time. Cue the creepy vibe.

4. Following lots of people on Twitter but never actually tweeting: One of the first things I check out when deciding whether or not to follow someone is whether or not they are engaging with other people on the site. And if I go to your account and see that you are following 500 people but have only published your own tweets a couple times, then I automatically assume that you are either a robot or completely crazy. Twitter is not an eavesdropping session. And "tweavesdropping" just makes you look like a freak.

5. Treating Twitter like your personal therapist: Everyone gets emotional from time to time, but if you are constantly tweeting about how you need help and your life is a constant source of pain and despair, you are totally going to weird people out and they won't want to follow you. If you are feeling particularly emotional, then stay off Twitter that day. Having a Twitter meltdown and getting something off your chest is not worth losing followers over. Never forget that tweets are forever -- they stay out there in cyberspace and can't be taken back.

What are some of your biggest Twitter turn-offs?


Image via JoshSemans/Flickr

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