Kate Upton's Diss on 'Ellen' Makes Us Feel for Mark Sanchez (VIDEO)

Mark SanchezI'm really starting to feel bad for Mark Sanchez. Here he is, quarterback of a major market NFL team, and all anyone wants to talk about is who he's dating. And with the way Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton was talking on Ellen this week, no one wants to actually ADMIT they're hooking up with the New York Jets hottie.

Ellen definitely got her grill on when Upton landed in the hot seat. In a short clip from the show, talk about Sanchez got just as much airtime as the actual cover shoot. To her credit, the young model dodges the uber personal questions pretty well ... and I'm starting to understand why she won't just 'fess up.


Where Mark Sanchez goes, so do the ladies. He's been linked to Kim Kardashian -- who made sure to jump on Twitter and nip the notion of her bedding yet another sports star right in the bud. And who can forget that wee scandal over Eliza Kruger this time last year? The "is he or isn't he" question took on some decidedly ugly shades of gray when people started looking at her age at the time -- 17 -- and his -- 24.

And now there's Kate Upton, who only admitted to DeGeneres that she spends a lot of time at the Jets games because her sister works for the team. And she maaaay have met Sanchez. You know, at least once:

OK, so Ellen has a point. This guy is one hottie with a body.

But that's just it. All we talk about is that body. Not his passing. Not his rushing. Maybe if we started talking about what Sanchez can do on the field instead of in the bed, one of these ladies would be willing to have her name linked to his in the media? Just a thought!

Are you a Mark Sanchez fan? What's the attraction: his football skills or the pretty face?


Image via Seamus Murray/Flickr

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