Google Has No Sense of Humor When Ranking Funniest YouTube Videos (VIDEOS)

funniest youtube videoGoogle is good at pretty much everything they do -- finding you the exact link or photo or video you're looking for; wasting hours upon hours of your would-be constructive time; freaking you out because, "how the hell did they know that about you?" -- but are they connoisseurs of comedy? Apparently, they think so. Well, they think they've developed an algorithm that makes them connoisseurs of comedy.

Using said algorithm, Google recently ranked the funniest YouTube videos of all time -- and if you ask me, I think they need to go back to the drawing board with this mathematical formula. Check out the videos and see if you agree.


Here's a video of a few of the pranks that Google thinks are totally hilarious. You can go to the actual YouTube page, and see some of the other funny videos to the right.

Now, here's the video Google deemed the funniest of the week:

Amusing? Yeah, I guess so. But I'm not so sure I'd deem this video the funniest of the week if I had time to rake through YouTube with a fine-toothed comb. And I definitely don't think I'd deem the prank videos the funniest I've ever seen on YouTube. But that's just me.

A Google engineer explained the method to their madness, saying: "We focused on videos uploaded in the comedy category. We captured the uploader’s belief in the funniness of their video via features based on title, description, and tags. Viewers’ reactions, in the form of comments, further validate a video’s comedic value.” He also added that capitalization and word elongation played a role in determining what was funny. For instance, a comment like "LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL" is a good thing.

I get what they're saying, and I admire their trying to break down every single thing in life to an algorithm, but I'm just not buying this one. Humor is subjective. What one person laughs at isn't necessarily going to make me laugh. And vice-versa. It's a valiant effort, though. Sort of. 

Do you think these are the funniest YouTube videos?

Image via PurpleHaze3896/YouTube

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