Kobe & Vanessa Bryant May Be Reconciling -- Thank Goodness!

Kobe BryantLA Lakers star Kobe Bryant may not be delivering on the court lately, but he certainly delivered big time for supposedly soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa Bryant. The woman who filed for divorce last year got a big kiss on the lips in full view of the cameras for Valentine's Day after Tuesday night's game against the Atlanta Hawks. Thank goodness.

It may be traitorous to all of womankind to support a wife reconciling with an alleged cheater, but you'll have to pardon the blasphemy. I'm looking at Kobe and Vanessa canoodling from the perspective of a sports fan. I know what the best paid player in the NBA needs.


His number one fan, right there, in the stands at the Staples Center, supporting him. That's a Valentine's Day gift that's unmatched.

I'm not excusing anything Kobe has done or might have done. I'm not saying Vanessa is beholden to get back with him. But if she wants to, hey, who are we to tell her not to?

Because, frankly, Kobe really needs something to rescue him from the path into suckitude that's plagued his playing time of late. In six of his most recent games, Kobe made only 54 of his 141 shots. The guys at ESPN did some calculations, and that's less than 38.2 percent. And the Lakers pay this guy more money than anyone else in basketball? If it continues, it would be a stain on the whole sport.

So what's the problem?

Some sports experts are blaming it on age -- he's in his 16th season in the NBA -- but you don't just throw 10 years of marriage to the mother of your children out the window without a look back. If he can, he's an even bigger jerk than the rumors about infidelity have made him into. This whole debacle has undoubtedly been weighing on Kobe.

A reconciliation with Vanessa could be just the kickstart Kobe needs to get his game back, and with her in the stands, he's got the support he needs to ensure a stellar careers ends on a high note. Purely from a sports fan's perspective, that's good for the NBA ... if not for the Bryants. 

Do you think Vanessa will go back to Kobe?


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