6 Reasons Why You'll Want to Join the New MySpace

myspaceI know what you're thinking: MySpace is for pervy losers who love spam. And if we were back in 2003, you might be semi-correct on that account. But that was the old MySpace. The new MySpace? Yeah, it's pretty cool so far.

All this week I've been reading about how the recently struggling MySpace added an impressive 1 million new users within the last 30 days. And, I thought to myself: What in the world is going on? There must be something new and improved about the social media site to attract so many people. And so, like a moth to a flame, I joined the site -- well, rejoined is more accurate. Here's what I think you'll like about it:


1. It offers the best of two very popular sites: Facebook and Pandora. There's the social piece where you create a personal profile, but then you get to stream unlimited songs, create personalized radio stations and playlists, and get music recommendations from friends. In fact, I might even argue that it's better than Pandora, because you can pick exactly which song you want to listen to (similar to Spotify) instead of getting a random assortment.

2. It has a TON of songs and music videos, too. After the launch of its new music player back in December, MySpace appears to be completely music-focused. I mentioned Spotify above -- that site has 15 million songs available, which is nothing to sneeze at. But MySpace boasts the biggest collection of free music online: an impressive 42 million songs. Now, it's likely that many of those songs are by unsigned, indie, or amateur bands. But isn't finding new bands that no one has ever heard of what we loved about the original MySpace?

3. Better design. One of the most annoying things about MySpace is that anyone could design their page however they liked. Most of us don't have design degrees, however, and therefore, our pages looked like crap. First impressions of the new format is that it looks a lot cleaner.

4. No spam -- at least for the time being. This is a relief, especially for those of us who couldn't stand all that disgusting spam that would show up on our page.

5. You can find -- and laugh at -- your old profile. C'mon aren't you dying to know what your profile looked like back in 2003? I searched and found my old MySpace profile; after laughing for a few minutes, I quickly took action to delete it.

6. Lots of Justin Timberlake. He is one of the investors after all!

Will you join/rejoin MySpace?


Image via MySpace

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