Gadgets & Games Can Make or Break Your Relationship

woman on a laptopNo one ever said marriage was easy, but it seems like it's gotten even more difficult in the Internet age. Especially for people who like to play online role playing games (RPGs) ... You know, like World of Warcraft or even SIMS. Turns out spending a significant portion of your free time in a fictional online world isn't exactly doing your relationship any wonders ... drrr.

A study from Brigham Young University found that 75 percent of spouses married to people who play role-playing games online wish that their gaming guru sweeties spent less time playing and more time working on the relationship. BUT -- in couples where both spouses were gaming nerds into RPGs, 76 percent thought that gaming had a positive effect for their marriage. Well, yeah!

This isn't only true for partners who play online or regular video games. It extends to all manner of gadgets, web habits, and cellphones.


These gadgets and habits are so integral to our lives after all, they're bound to affect our relationships at some point ...

I speak from experience. I have been a smartphone owner since about three months into my 5+ year relationship with my boyfriend, and he has held onto his good ol' Samsung flip phone circa 2004 for dear life. Only recently did he admit he is gonna have to trade it in for a brand new iPhone 4S. (Hallelujah!!!!) But until now, the cellphone difference has thrown a wrench in our relationship -- not in a major, meaningful way, of course, but in funny, quirky ways, like he worries I'm addicted to it, but then he worries he's gonna become addicted by proxy. (Yeah, something about a smartphone really sucks you in as opposed to a dinosaur you can barely text on, ha ha.)

Or how about Facebook people vs. non-Facebook people? Again, this is an area in which the BF and I differ. I've been on the social network since college, whereas he has never had an interest in sharing anything via a Timeline or News Feed or post of any form. Sometimes this means I'm in on awesome news first or I have access to our friends' baby pics or engagement announcements first, and he'll grumble about instant gratification being bad for society. (No joke!) 

Thankfully, for us, our differing tech preferences don't really matter too much. Ultimately, he does his thing, and I do mine (like checking his Gmail once a week while I tweet up a storm ...). In the end, it boils down to this: Even if they're not the same as yours, being on board with your partner's tech habits can make or break marital bliss!

How do your tech habits compare to your partner's? Do you think it's important to see eye to eye on things like video games, iPhones, and Facebook?


Image via Marco Gomes/Flickr

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