Whitney Houston iTunes Price Hike Was NOT a 'Mistake'

Whitney HoustonIt's twisted, but every time a celebrity dies, somebody -- anybody -- makes money. Be it the people who put out the rag trades featuring "the exclusive details!", the people paid to tell "the exclusive details!", or Sony -- the people who hiked up the price of Whitney Houston's music on iTunes after the singer's sudden death. And you thought the rag trades were sleazy.

Hours after reports of Houston's death were made public, Sony raised the prices on two of the singing legend's albums, full well knowing that the first thing people do after a singer dies is buy their music. On iTunes in the U.K., The Ultimate Collection went from about $7.85 to $12.50, and The Greatest Hits went from around $12.50 to $15.67.

But it's cool, you guys. The whole thing was a misunderstanding. A great big, intentionally unscrupulous, money-making misunderstanding.


A spokesperson for the company called the move an "internal mistake due to an employee error," noting that the price hike was only instituted for a few hours. And Sony told Billboard, "Whitney Houston product was mistakenly mispriced on the UK iTunes store on Sunday. When discovered, the mistake was immediately corrected. We apologize for any offense caused."

Riiight. I don't work for Sony or iTunes, but it seems like a curious "mistake" to have happened just hours after Whitney died. And I'd also venture to guess that Sony, used car salesmen that they apparently are, was hoping that nobody would notice the price increase. What they apparently failed to take into account, though, is there's always somebody who notices on the Internet. Always. Even if it's just one person. They're out there, and they've got a fully-charged laptop and a lot of time on their hands. They derive no greater satisfaction for noticing crap like this. Sometimes these people can be obnoxious, but sometimes they can actually be really helpful. Like in this case.

Shame on you, Sony, for trying to get richer than you already are at the expense of someone's death. And shame on you for your lame cover-up.

Do you think the Whitney Houston price hike was a mistake?


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