Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts Shouldn’t Be Bought Online

cheesy valentine's day giftsHappy Valentine's Day! Did you get that special someone in your life anything? Or better yet, did you get anything from that special someone in your life? (Oh, don't front -- we all know 'tis better to receive than give!) A Whitman's Sampler? A stuffed bunny wabbit with the words, "I Wuv You" written on a stuffed carrot? One of those Jane Seymour Kay Jewelers necklaces?

If you did, there's a decent chance that whatever you bought, or received, was purchased online. 'Cause it's 2012 and that's how we roll. Out with personalness, in with convenience!


According to predictions made by National Retail Federation and eMarketer, consumers are expected to spend $17 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, roughly a fifth of which will be spent online.

Now, I'm all about online shopping -- seriously, almost to a fault; my UPS man hates my guts -- but, I don't know, is it really necessary for Valentine's Day? I get Christmas and birthdays 'cause you wanna go big, but Valentine's Day is supposed to be a cheesy holiday. You're supposed to buy crappy, cheesy gifts -- and the Internet's not the place for that. I mean, I guess it could be, but the drugstore is around the corner.

Look, we're all busy people. I know. And the Internet is a wonderful tool that makes our lives infinitely easier. But, if you ask me, there's seriously something wrong if we can't carve out 15 extra minutes from our day to hit up a Target to buy a pair of red and pink pajama bottoms and one of those holiday M&M tubes.

Did you do your Valentine's Day shopping online? Do you even do Valentine's Day shopping?


Image via Blackangelaf/Flickr

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