Pinterest Porn Spoof Sites Are a Riot

man on ipadThe tradition of porn capitalizing on zeitgeist goes way, way back. Well before VHS titles were doing funny plays on popular movies of the time (like Sexbusters, Forrest Hump, and Edward Penishands ... yes, those are real adult film titles). So we shouldn't be all that surprised that the latest incarnation of porn destinations on the web are a play on the increasingly popular, highly addictive social site, Pinterest. That's right -- you can now get your porn and re-pin it, too!

TechCrunch recently snarked that sites like Snatchly and (warning: links totally NSFW!) might be the key to getting guys interested in pinning to their heart's package's content. Granted, it's a complete departure from the DIY projects, manicure ideas, decadent recipes, and "wedding porn" that regular Pinterest users are generally interested in!


Not sure how Pinterest feels about this development. Porntrest is the one that's probably really raising eyebrows over there, being that they've taken the original site's logo and run with that. (Sounds like they could be setting themselves up for some kind of copyright lawsuit!)

But as for how the general public/Pinterest fans should feel? I say the reaction should basically be, Eh, whatever. YouTube inspired similar porn sites. MySpace and Facebook, too. Anything that has taken flight and made it into our general Internet consciousness has been converted to a porn-centric site at some point. Thus, Pinterest's format getting ripped off and reformatted for the XXX world just means the site has made it to the big time! Congrats, Pinterest!

It also means lonely/horny or just horny people have a new forum on which to share their fave nasty clips and pics from the web ... just in time for V-Day! Awww.

How do you feel about these porn sites ripping off the Pinterest format -- inevitable, laughable, or just plain wrong?


Image via Brad.K/Flickr

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