Jenny McCarthy Could Teach Tim Tebow a Thing or Two

jenny mccarthyThe ladies love Tim Tebow! First Katy Perry made a play for the Broncos star QB, now Jenny McCarthy is ready to make Tim Tebow her own personal Jesus, if you get what I'm saying. And apparently Rosie O'Donnell is determined to play matchmaker. Hey, why not?

How did this unlikely trio get together? The magic of football, of course. And radio!

See, Rosie was at the Super Bowl with her Sirius XM radio show. And Jenny McCarthy was there, and ... so was the Tebes.

Y'know, Tim to the Tebow.

So, Jenny and Rosie and Tebowie, all just hanging out. What do you think happened next? You'll never guess! Okay, I'll just tell you.


Jenny McCarthy was all, Hey, Ro, I'm single now and I'm really crushin' on that Tebow kid.

And Rosie was all, Oh, lemme introduce you!

And Jenny McCarthy was all, Oh, I don't know ...

And Rosie was all, Tim? Jenny. Jenny? Tim. Make friends. See ya!

More or less.

So, word has it McCarthy and Tebow traded digits, but no word yet on whether or not the romance has a future. There is a bit of an age difference, mind you ... McCarthy is 39, Tebow is 24. Goin' the way of the Kutcher/Moore, I like it!

Seriously though, a worldly woman like McCarthy could be just what an altar boy like Tebow needs. I keep thinking about that old episode of I Love Lucy when the Ricardos are sick and tired of Cousin Ernie from the sticks (Tennessee Ernie Ford) freeloading at their apartment and Lucy dresses up like a "wicked city woman" to drive him away. (Just like his mama done warned him about!)

Can't you just see Jenny McCarthy wearing long black gloves and running her fingers through Tebow's hair? And a confused Tebow asking: "Are you a-vamping me?"

Yes Tebow. Jenny would totally vamp you.

And you'd be forever grateful, too.

Do you think Jenny McCarthy and Tim Tebow make a good couple?


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