Surprise Super Bowl Marriage Proposal Makes Giants Win Even Sweeter (VIDEO)

greg jones proposalAwww ... okay, this definitely needs to go in the Adorable Sporting Event Marriage Proposals Hall of Fame. Which is, just to clarify, a very different place from where the Cringeworthy Sporting Event Marriage Proposal Refusals on Jumbotron go. Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that the guy doing the asking just won the Super Bowl?

The setting couldn't have been more perfect, really. Just when the field erupted into victorious mayhem, Giants linebacker Greg Jones turned to his girlfriend Mandy. He got down on one knee ...

A very emotional moment was had by all. (Especially when he finally slipped the ring on her finger.)

I wouldn't be surprised if Mandy was still crying now.


Nicely done, Jones! Won the game and the girl on the same day.

By the way, Jones did have a back-up proposal plan in case the Giants lost the Super Bowl ... he simply would have asked her to marry him "another time." Well, can't blame him there. It would have been the absolute WRONG mood: "Hey, you just lost the Super Bowl, what are you gonna do next?" "I'm going to ... get married, I guess. Sigh."

But these two? These two were meant to be, no matter what. I promise this video will make you all misty-eyed ...

Is this the cutest sporting event marriage proposal you've ever seen?


Image via IMAVEX/YouTube

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