Watch an iPhone Get Slammed by a Hockey Stick -- and Survive! (VIDEO)

g form iphone caseWe've all been there: one second, your cellphone is safely resting in the palm of your hand, and the next it's toppling toward the ground because it "just slipped." Generally followed by a second of Oh my god PLEASE don't be broken panic, scenarios like this are exactly why protective cases are a must-have if you're going to splurge on an expensive cell. Well what if I told you there's an iPhone case that could protect the Appletastic device from breaking from the force of an 82-mph slapshot?

Yup, it's true! G-Form, the same company who dropped an iPad from space inside one of their cases (it survived without a crack!), has done it again with their new X-Protect iPhone case. For only $39.95, you TOO can feel safe knowing that if a random hockey player comes along and wants to take a swing at your cell, you have nothing to worry about.

OK, so that's obviously not going to happen. But man, this is a video you've got to see to believe. Take a look, here:


Wowza! Nuts, right? It's hard to believe that he was able to immediately answer a phone call after a tough blow like that.

When I'm looking for a case for my iPhone, I generally have two credentials. 1. The case must cover the complete back and sides of the phone, including the top and bottom. 2. It's gotta look cutesie. Call me girlie if you wish, but if I'm using the device all the time -- I want to be looking at something I like!

So although I want something that guarantees a bit of protection, I've got to admit I've never really looked too far into an item's credentials. Would I use a G-Form case? If the price is right, sure -- why not? No matter how cool this video is, though, I don't think Average Joes like you and me really need to be worried about 82-mph trauma to our beloved iCompanions.

Do you worry about protecting your cellphone?

Image via GFormLLC/YouTube

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